Zur alten Mühle - HistorieThe picture from the year 1910 shows the former cardboard mill, which was built in 1874 with its annexes, and probably the owner family Wilhelm Lemppenau with its workers.

 Wood, the most important raw material of the Black Forest, had helped many a resident of the region to get reputation and wealth. If only one thinks of the importance of the floating and the associated trade of wood. Like here in the valley of the river Enz, wood became the destinating production factor for the industrial manufacturers of paper and cardboard who settled there. In the year 1844, a process was discovered which made it possible to create a paper compound out of spruce wood by grinding the wood with a stone. This method was more profitable than the former one on the basis of rag fibres. 30 years later Mitscherlich invented the sulphite pulp technique. With this method, it was now possible to separate pulp and the wood acid lignin. Without this invention, paper and wood would have remained an expensive product, only available for some rich people.
The wood grinding mill next to the bridge over the Eyach delivered cellulose, which was finished in Höfen. A bomb impact in the company building during the Second World War in 1943 made a further manufacturing impossible. The damaged plant was closed and sold to the paper mill in Dillweißenstein in 1945. The machines were transported to Dillweißenstein. The canel of the mill starts 150 metres north of the bridge over the Enz and passes the cardboard mill and the former company Kraut & Co and flows back into the Enz at the level crossing of Rotenbach. 
In a ruinous repair, it was bought by Hans Zordel in the year 1978. The engineer for office machines from Linkenheim had already started with a small fish farm in the valley of the river Enz after his marriage in Neuenbürg in 1964.

Fischzucht Zordel - Eyachtal

On the meadows taken at rent, Hans Zordel digged out by hand the basins one after the other to satisfy the increasing demand for his fresh trouts. In 1977, a litte restaurant with 30 seats was installed and opened in the annexe of the ruinous paper mill. As the mill itself was a listed building, it wasn't demolished but rebuilt and first of all a restaurant installed, which opened on September 2nd in 1988. In a further stage of construction, the Zordel family installed 26 hotel rooms and the corresponding secondary rooms. Since the renovation the mill wheel of the hotel "Zur alten Mühle" (it has its origin in the lumbermill Wilhelm Lustnauer in Höfen) has been turning round, the old barrage canal is used as basins for fish breeding and the lake for fishing. In front of the hotel, you can still see the big round grinding stones of the former "Kollergang", with which the wood fibres were grinded and pulpified by the above mentioned method, discovered in 1844.


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